The President on 15 March 2020 put in measures to deal with the Covid19 Virus which include

  • A ban on travel from various countries, including Britain, China, Italy, Germany, and the United States;
  • The closing of 35 land ports of entry as well as 2 of the country’s 8 seaports;
  • A restriction on gatherings of 100 people or more;
  • Introduction of tracking, tracing and monitoring systems;
  • Restriction on local travel if not necessary; and;
  • The consideration of a fiscal relief package to minimise damage to the economy.

It is said that the real danger is not covid19 but panic that may set in as a result of the virus.

Reality says that for the sake of all of us it needs to be business as usual and as such:

  • What are the rights of employees in the workplace;
  • What are the rights and obligations of the Employer in relation to its staff;
  • What are the rights of business in relation to its customers and suppliers.


  • For so long as the employee is well and prepared to tender services, the employer must continue to remunerate in terms of the contract of employment.
  • If the Employee falls ill he / she would be entitled to sick leave in terms of the basic conditions of employment Act.
  • If the Employee elects not to tender service the rule of no work no pay would be applicable, and in the absence of a compelling reason, be subject to disciplinary sanction.


  • The converse obligations of the employees set out above
  • Consider varying the conditions of employment to allow where possible work from home or alternate ways of performing duties
  • If the business finds itself in a position of financial hardship it may in consultation with its employees consider implementing short time or even dismissals based on operational requirements

What should Employers be doing?

  • Establish proper workplace policies, in consultation with employees, if possible so as to create certainty and avoid panic in the workplace.
  • Taking into account that the Employer is responsible for safety in the work place, ensure that there are proper policies in place with appropriate sanctions in the event of non-compliance
  • Consider alternative ways in which the employees can render effective service ie. work from home, skype consultations etc

How can we help you with the legal issues arising from Covid19

With immediate effect we will be implementing a first Telephonic / Skype consultation fee.

The fee will be R750 inclusive of vat for 25 minutes payable by bank transferable before the consultation. If you require further services we will make arrangements to take you on as a client in terms of our usual terms and conditions.

This offer and rate extends to existing clients subject to the proviso that we will debit your account provided it is up to date.

If you would like to take advantage of this offer please eMail or call Prestige at McLarens.

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Prestige will make the necessary arrangements to schedule the consultation and collect payment

We look forward to being of service to you

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Ian Mc Laren

Ian Mc Laren

Ian McLaren BA LLB (WITS) General Educated St Johns College, Houghton. BA LLB University of the Witwatersrand 1984 Founded McLarens Attorneys September 1986. Right of Appearance High Court, October 1996. Expertise Litigation, Labour Law, Commercial Law, Family Law, Pension and Provident Funds, Customs and Excise, Wills, Deceased Estates, Trusts, Commercial Agreements, Reviewing and Drafting Government Legislation, Information Technology. Committees/ Trusts Law Society of South Africa Information Technology Committee. Trustee Verney College Educational Trust Other Transvaal Provincial colours for Practical Shooting. Third degree Black Belt JKS Karate. Photographer and motor cyclist Lectured for Continuing Legal Education on Information Technology issues.