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  1. Greetings
    I am a South African married man who has the following issues and need your expert advise in these following scenarios, that is:
    Scenario 1:
    – I have got an 18 year old girl who passed matric last year (2012)who is staying with her aunt (her deceased mother’s elder sister)
    – the aunt file maintenance application last year (after this child has been under my care – including my parents) which was resolved in court that I will pay R600-00 monthly and buy R700-00 worth of clothes twice a year. I am transferring monies monthly to the Court’s account accordingly.
    – I heard that the aunt (with her family) have approached the court to oblige me to pay for her post-school studies after everything was explained prior the determination of the maintenance amount. I have not received any correspondence to this regard from the court but want to know what is my obbligation to this matter.

  2. Scenario 2:
    – I am paying a maintenance of R1000-00 to the welfare of my son through the court order after consideration of all the facts from both the parents.
    – this amount consist of my contribution to the welfare of the child as determined by the court magistrate.
    – I received a call from the school that they will oblige me to pay the school fees of the child as he’s owing. This information was conveyed to me by the employee of the school and it was clear that they are collaborating with the mother of the child.
    – it seems to me that the mother is playing some dirty tactics by collaborating with the school.
    – what are my rights and responsibilities pertaining to this matter and what recours am I having? Considering the Maintenance Act and the SA Schools Act.