Wills, Testators and Surviving Spouses

Testators (and Testatrices) – draw wills, and where they are married, often leave the bulk of their estates to their surviving spouses. Such Testators also get divorced. With the passing of time – the Testator remarries, and has either adopted … Continue reading

The use of Trusts as a safe haven for assets

It is an open question, whether South African Law relative to trusts developed or had its origins in Roman Law or in English Law. The Romans certainly knew about trusts, and the formation of a practice in particular types of … Continue reading

Estate Planning

Part I – What is Estate Planning? When the topic of estate planning is mentioned, most people immediately dismiss it on the basis that their estates consist of “nothing” and that the costs and effort involved are not worth it. … Continue reading

Executors in Deceased Estates

There has been some vigorous debate on our website on the appointment of Executors. It was thus thought appropriate that we add some comments on this question and why it is important to choose the correct executor – do so … Continue reading