Surviving BEE-Transformation-ANC Kleptocracy

We are constantly bombarded with negative press regarding the state of the South African economy as well as our ability to survive in a changing environment. Are you in the process of slowly going out of business, or have you … Continue reading

McLarens Attorneys celebrates its 30th anniversary

This September McLarens Attorneys celebrates its 30th birthday. From its humble beginnings in Delvers Square, Kerk Street Johannesburg McLarens has grown into a boutique Law firm with five Attorneys, one Candidate and four support staff. McLarens offers expert services in … Continue reading

Multiple Unions in the Workplace and Collective Agreements

In industrial disputes there are often more than one Union representing employees in a given place of work. Circumstances may arise where more than one Union is vying for control with another and acting as a hindrance to conclusion of … Continue reading


On 26 May 2014 new regulations were introduced to regulate South Africa‚Äôs immigration policy. The new regulations have been viewed as controversial and have caused widespread outcry from the public. Notwithstanding the public outcry the regulations will remain applicable until … Continue reading