Wills and Estates / United Arab Emirates

Sharia Law     Very briefly, Sharia law operates according to a fixed share system. What this means, for example, is that a husband would inherit a 1/2 share in the deceased estate where there are no children but if there … Continue reading


Three elements seem to be essential for a cohabitative relationship. ie A Sexual relationship A factual cohabitation A measure of stability to the relationship The  courts have however recognised the concept of a universal partnership which may  be of application … Continue reading


When a child is adopted , he/she becomes the legitimate child of the personss who have adopted him/her , as though he/she had been born of them during the existence of a lawful marriage . The child takes their surname … Continue reading

Divorce Orders and Pension Funds

The Divorce Amendment Act No. 70 of 1979, provides that a court may award a portion of a member spouse’s pension interest to the non-member spouse when dividing the joint estate of the parties. A member’s pension interest is deemed … Continue reading