Parallel Imports and Grey Goods

The World Trade Organisation defines parallel importation as follows: “.. refers to the importation, without authorisation of the patent holder, into a country of a product from a third country, where this product has been marketed by the patent holder … Continue reading

Transfer Duty-Frequently asked Questions

How is transfer duty calculated? 0% when the value of the transaction does not exceed R 500 000.00. 5% of the value of the transaction is between R 500 000.00 and 1 000 000.00. 8% of the value the transaction … Continue reading

Trading Options in terms of the new Companies Act

The new Companies Act is scheduled to come into effect in April 2010, June 2010 (The actual date of implementation remains uncertain), repealing the current Companies Act and Close Corporations Act in totality. New business owners will have the option … Continue reading

Business Opportunities in Dubai

Despite the global crisis and various press regarding Dubai, it is still considered a good business opportunity for many companies as it offers rare commercial advantages, namely- No Personal Income Tax; No Foreign Exchange Controls; No restrictions on repatriating capital … Continue reading